John Adams Family Games night

Being told I had been selected to be part of the Ideal games group from John Adams was fantastic but when I received the first box last week the kids went wild.

My girls are really quite obsessed with adverts and their whole christmas, birthday and special treat demands tend to come based on how good the adverts are and how catchy the jingles are. Last year they convinced me to purchase Doggie Doo based on the advert and I hated it (the girls and Hubby loved it). This year the demands for Silly Moo and Gooey Louie were equally as strong. Between poo and bogies I think Ideal manage to capture the childrens gross factor quite well. I mean what kid doesn’t like toilet talk and snot?

When the first John Adams Games Group parcel arrived containing not only Silly Moo and Gooey Louie but also Don’t take Busters bones, the girls were almost popped with excitement. They couldn’t wait to play the games and all three of them had been tested within the hour.

When visiting family last weekend the girls begged us to bring the games with us so they could play with their cousins and uncle.


Gooey Louie use no batteries and is ready within minutes of coming out of the box. Using the loop end of one of the “bogies” you attach it to the hook that pops Gooey Louie’s eyes and brain. You stuff Louie’s nose full of bogies and each child takes it in turns to pull a bogie out of Gooey Louie’s nostrils. If you grab a black bogie you get another go!

The person who makes Gooey Louie’s eyes pop and brain fly out is out of the game and the winner is the person with the most bogies or the longest when laid end to end.


Don’t take Busters bones requires 3 AA batteries which are not included. The game is played by selected a card at random and then using the cat paws to pick the bones out of Busters bowl without waking him up. The bones are on a pressure sensor and it can be tricky to pick them up with the big paws although Elizabeth was fantastic at this.

Buster goes to sleep by being pushed back so he is lying down and he starts to snore, if you slightly disturb his sleep he stops snoring and sometimes he jumps up barking. This can come as a bit of a shock and has even mad a teenage boy jump across the room in fright whilst the rest of us fell about laughing.


Silly Moo has been high up on the Christmas list since Alison saw it at a Christmas in July event we went too.

The aim of the game is to collect as many milk cartons as you can and have the most points when Silly Moo’s eyes pop out.

With the white milk cartons being one point, the gold milk carton being two points and the cow pats being minus one point there is never an easy winner. With only 7 points available to share the game is over fairly quickly but a quick and easy reload and you are ready for action again.

The Udders are fairly easy to pull and are made out of a soft flexible rubber. My only issue is that it is the sort of material that attracts dirt and I have had to give it a clean with wet wipes a few times. Kids seem to have perpetually sticky fingers which just leaves dirty marks on Silly Moo’s udders.

A great game that has kids young and old having fun.