Sylvanian Families Grand Department Store

No matter how old my girls get they still love toys that require imagination. Sylvanian Families is one of their favourite battery-free toy ranges and the new Town range has been a big hit with them. The biggest item in the Sylvanian Families Town range is the Grand Department Store which is available by itself or as a Gift Set which includes four sets of store furniture and the town girl series chocolate rabbit. We already have the Town Girls Series Chocolate rabbit and the Gelato shop so we opted for the Grand Department store set.

The Grand Department Store is a two storey department store with an entrance tower that has space for four shops. You also get some floor pieces which you can use in a variety of ways.

The set can be positioned in a variety of ways which makes it really versatile. You can also add extra shops to the set at the side or on top to create more floors.

The fact that the Grand Department Store can be set up in a variety of ways really helps to make the play opportunities endless. You can have a corner department store as shown above with a square in the middle or in a straight line as shown below.


The Grand Department Store comes with a lift and a set of revolving doors.

We used some of the other Sylvanian Families items that we own to fill the department store but you can buy individual sets to create the stores of your dreams. The available sets include a cosmetic beauty set, Boutique fashion set, Chocolate lounge and Fashion showcase set. You can also get additional shops to add to the set including the Creamy Gelato set we have added below. The other sets are the Designer Studio and the delicious restaurant.

Out of all of the Sylvanian Families sets that we have owned, the Grand Department Store is one of our favourite sets and we can’t wait to add more of the town series to our collection.

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