Sylvanian Families Boutique Play set

When it comes to toys that promote imaginative play then we have found Sylvanian Families to be the perfect way to encourage children to get creative. We were sent one of the new Sylvanian families Boutique playsets to see what we thought.


The Sylvanian Families Boutique playset comes with the Persian Cat Mother and is suitable for children aged 3 plus due to the small accessory pieces that are included in the set.


When I first opened the Sylvanian Families Boutique playset I was annoyed by the amount of stickers that I had to place on the set but thankfully it was easy to see where they needed to go thanks to the pictures on the inside of the box flaps.


It also showed how to build the small cardboard boxes. I used a small amount of sticky tape to keep these together.

Setting up the boutique was nice and simple and it was just a matter of arranging the products on the shelves and window display.

The set even includes a dress and mannequin which is very cute.


We really liked the jewellery case which was great for showcasing some of the special items that are available in the boutique.


The Sylvanian Families Boutique playset includes a Persian Cat Mummy in a lovely floral dress and super soft fur. She looks like the perfect customer or owner of the boutique and she even has a little gem on  her dress.


The Sylvanian Families Boutique is a brilliant playset that helps to stimulate imaginative play and one which is lots of fun to play with.


If you have a Sylvanian Families fan then I would definitely recommend the Boutique playset as it has lots of accessories to make it a great stand-alone playset as well as an addition to a collection that has already started.