Summer Scooters


Vtriker Elite – 7yrs Plus

This was supposed to be for the girls but apparently it was way too much fun to let them have it so Hubby procured it for his own amusement.

The Vttriker scooter is quite tall as you can see from the pictures and Elizabeth who is 1.1m struggled a little bit with the height of the handle bars but then again she is only 5. Like other V shaped scooters you maneuver this by opening and closing your legs. It looked like far too much hard work to me.


Kixi Razor Mixi Scooter from Flair – 3yrs plus

It is a perfect set of wheels for youngsters who are almost ready for big kid rides. The two-in-one Mixi gives kids the extra stability of three wheels when they need it , then transitions to a standard two-wheel scooter when they don’t.

This is perfect for Elizabeth as she is still not that steady but she is too big for our old scooters.


Zinc Fuse – 6yrs plus

This scooter has been my favourite so far, it came preassembled in the box and all I had to go was adjust the handle bars.

It does say 6yrs plus but the handle comes down low enough for Alison to use it as you can see. She isn’t quite old enough to work out how to make the sparks on the back wheel by herself but she loves us pushing her along whilst her foot is on there.

I really liked the amount of fuses that came with the scooter, this is something that really surprised me and a real selling point as it will be a long time before I ever have to think about buying some.

We seemed to have received scooters for everyone in the family apart from me but unless it is an electric scooter I wouldn’t really be interested. I was however looking for other fun summer gadgets that i might like and I came across this Electronic Pogo stick.


Elektra pogo stick – 6yrs plus

Ok so it is aimed at children but I reckon I could give it a go. I was never very good at a normal pogo stick though so I think I would end up hurting myself.

I think I am more intrigued into how an electronic pogo stick works. Do you not have to jump?

I might go and look in some of the big toy stores and see if they have one on display I can test out.

We received the scooters for the purpose of this review