Hasbro’s Hottest toys for Christmas 2013


Hasbro is a toy brand that I have enjoyed working with throughout the last two years so I was very excited when I heard that they were hosting their very own Christmas in July.

As a family Hasbro is a brand that fits in well with something for Elizabeth with My Little Pony and Littlest pet shop, Alison with the boys toys and Dadyy with the Nerf guns, Add in the family entertainment with classics such a Monopoly and Kerplunk as well as games the kids enjoy such as gator golf and Elefun and you have a brand that really does know how to make Christmas special.

We had great fun going around the event having a look at all of the new toys on the market, being able to play with Cuddles the giggling monkey or Chasing Cheeky around the floor.

The girls took my camera to capture photos for their Christmas lists and I enjoyed a nice spot of lunch and a cool nonalcoholic (I was driving) drink.

There was lots of fantastic toys that caught our eyes from the new Furby Boom to the brilliant Gator Goal and Equestria girl dolls.


One thing that really did stick out to me was the new Nerf Rebelle range. Not only was it totally awesome to have Nerf in the form of a Bow and arrow but it is girl friendly too. My girls have always enjoyed Nerf (look at this post that I did in December last year) but it has always been aimed at the boys and the bullets have frankly been a bit boring. Not anymore.

I can not wait to get hold of these so that i can so some more testing. Elizabeth was really good with the small one and was even able to shoot the bullets over the building so I can see me having to buy a few extra packs. I think these will be a huge hit this Christmas.

There is so much on offer by Hasbro it would be hard to cover it all but everything I have seen is bigger and better than previous versions and will no doubt come with a lovely catchy advert so that the kids can urn pester power on you. Just remember when the kids go to bed you get to play too and I can think of many times when that Nerf pistol would come in handy for shooting the Hubby!