Summer Fun in the Sun

When it comes to summer fun having lots of things at home that can occupy the kids when the sun shines is the best way to go. Here are some of the top summer toys I have been sent over the last month or so.
I loved my Pogo Stick when I was a kid, I was rubbish at it but that didn’t stop me trying. We were sent the Pogo Ace which is for ages 5 to 9 but if your kids are older then the Pogo Stick King Model is for ages 9 plus. The girls are loving trying this out but I would definitely recommend a helmet and pads as it takes some getting used too.
We love the gadgets from Flying Gadgets and this remote control water spraying car is no exception. Drive it around and then squirt people, what more do you want from a remote control car? The girls absolutely love this and we highly recommend it.
Minions are taking over the world at the moment and this remote control inflatable Stuart has taken over my living room. The girls absolutely love him and at 2 feet tall with phrases he is lots of fun and great for all ages.

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For those extra hot days, nothing is better than jumping into your very own swimming pool and this prompt set 8ft pool is perfect for a small family. If your family is slightly bigger then you can also get a 10ft pool too.

The pool is really easy to set up and provides ours of fun.

For some reason push around trucks are able to keep kids of all ages occupied and JCB create the best toy trucks we have found. It looks great, it is really sturdy and is great for imaginative play.
If you are looking for something a little bit cheaper but still just as much fun then head to home bargains where you can grab a variety of pocket money products that will help you have a summer that is jam packed with fun. Check out these prices below to see just how cheap they are.
Paddling pool, £3.49
Arm bands, 59p
Bug explorer kit, 79p
Bug catcher, £1.99
Sunglasses x 2, 99p each
Yoyo, 49p
Banana Boat kids’ SPF50 sun cream, £1.99
Bubble Fun saber, 99p
Parafoil kite, £1.99
Toy boom bat set, £1.99