Star Wars Month – Day Twenty Three – Interactive talking BB-8 Figure

When talking about an interactive BB-8 everyone wants the Sphero but I saw this in action at a Disneystore event a few months ago and I absolutely love it. The Interactive BB-8 from Disney Store only costs £29.99 and is 29cm tall.

I really wanted to showcase this in Star Wars month so I actually purchased it so we could have a good play with it.  He makes noises and has lights in his head as well as the ability to move.

The interactive BB-8 takes 4 AA batteries which are included and has two modes which use the button on his head or voice activation to move.  BB-8 moves his head from side to side and the track on his base allows him to move really well around the floor and looks fantastic in action.

If your kids are pestering for Sphero BB-8 I would suggest getting this and saving yourself some money. Sphero is good but as you need to use the phone to play with it this does limit how often kids will be able to play with it and they may lose interest quickly which for that price would not be good. This interactive BB-8 allows them to have a play with a realistic looking robot that will be a huge hit this Christmas.