Star Wars Month – Day Twenty Two – Books, Books and more books

I love it when I find books about films that are actually on topic and really well done. As we always give the kids a book each Christmas this post celebrates and showcases some of the fabulous Star Wars books available.
These DK Reads books are a great way to get kids to read books they are interested in. The three copies I received were from the different reading levels and allowed us to work out which level Alison was at so that we could then look at getting her more. Its amazing how much she wants to read when the books are on a subject she enjoys rather than Biff, Chip and Kipper which she got bored of years ago.
The Imperial Handbook was stolen by the rebel alliance after the battle of Endor. It provides you with all of the procedures and tactival guidelines which was given to all of the high ranking officials in the Imperial Army. It also includes Mission reports and classified documents that will help the rebel alliance in their battle against the Empire. The Rebel Alliance have passed this copy around their own commanders and they have written notes and commentat in the margins to help. This Imperial Handbook allows you to delve deep into the mind of the Empire and see just how he controls his Imperial army.

A fantastic book full of facts and information which will delight any Star Wars fan young or old.

I have shared my love of these books previously but I couldnt write a post about awesome Star Wars books without including them. A great way to get kids to learn maths and english whilst keeping them interested.
This personalised book from I Just Love It allowed us to insert Alison and some of her friends into the classic story of A New Hope. Alison joins R2D2 and C-3PO in their journal to Tatooine and their search of Obi Wan. She also helps Luke to destroy the Death Star! The way they slotted her into the story is fantastic and Alison loves reading it.
When I was growing up I always remember having Haynes Manuals in my house for the various cars that we owned at the time. I loved looking through them and learning about all the different parts and how they worked. I was really happy to see that you can now get a Haynes Manual for the Millennium Falcon (Modified YT-1300 Corellian Freighter).  The Haynes Manual tells you all about the history of the Corellian Spaceships as well as telling you how to pilot the YT-1300. The thing I love about this book is how much detail they have put in to descriving each art of the ship including all of the weapons and even the recreational areas.
This Star Wars Starfighter Workshop make your own X-wing and Tie Fighter book looks amazing. I haven’t built the model yet but the pieces are made out of foam with a thin piece of card over the top and bottom. It also comes with a story and puzzle book which gives you more background to the Star Wars story and the two starfighter vehicles.