Star Wars Month – Day Twenty Eight – Lego Advent Calendar

Although I have featured  the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar in my Advent Calendar round up I thought it really deserved to be included in my Star Wars Month feature too.

Lego Advent Calendars have always been a firm favourite in our house but this year has been the best one yet.

With Santa C3PO, a ReindeerR2D2 and even an ewok it had some of the best figures I have seen in one of these advent calendars and now we finally have an ewok in our collection.

I love the variety of spacecrafts in the advent calendar especially the At-at and the millenium falcon as well as the speeder.
Out of the landscape accessories the sarlacc pit has to be my all time favourite and I love how it features bits from Tattoine, Hoth and Endor to really bring the stories together.
I would definitely recommend this Advent Calendar above all the chocolate ones ever made as it is fun, quirky and great value with some fabulous figures and accessories that any Star Wars fan will love.