Star Wars Month – Day Twenty Nine – Thinkway Animatronic Interactive Figure

Now I have definitely left the best toy until last as these animatronic interactive figures from Thinkway toys are absolutely fantastic.  I saw a few of them at a Star Wars event I went to earlier in the year and I was amazed at how detailed they are and how the technology works. They have a variety of Star Wars figures and I was sent Kylo Ren.

The figure has 31 points of articulation which means that the arms and head move in a realistic manner. The Animatronic interaction figures have three ways to play which include talk mode which is activated by raising his left arm. Once activated Kylo Ren says some of the phrases I expect he will say in the movie and he becomes animated which is fantastic to watch. You can also hold Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber™ and wave it around for some fantastic interactive light and sound effects.
He also has an interactive training and battle modes which are activated by pressing the button on his chest.  You then wave the Lightsaber for different moves. Kylo Ren will coach you in how to move it and you will progress through the training to join him on the dark side.

Kylo Ren has multi-audio channel which means you will be able to hear the lightsaber and voice simultaneously as well as him moving to make it realistic. Kylo Ren is around 17″ and the detail is amazing. He takes 3 AAA batteries which are located in his back.

If you are looking for some high tech Star Wars toys definity check out the rest of the Thinkway Toys Star Wars range especially the Millennium Falcon drone!