Star Wars Month – Day Twenty – BB-8 3D Wall Light

This fabulous BB-8 wall light was sent to me from the lovely people at We Love WOW who have a great range of Star Wars products available including costumes, soft toys and clothing as well as a selection of these 3D lights that light up in a variety of ways.

BB-8 will feature in the new Star Wars Force Awakens film and is thought that he will be one of the most popular characters with a lot of the merchandise that has come out being based on him. This light has fantastic attention to detail which I assume is very close to the onscreen character. Unlike a lot of the 3D wall lights the BB-8 is lit using a few small leds in its head. Some of them are lit up completely and some in strips but they are all perfect as a night light and as they are controlled by an on/off switch and dont turn off automatically after a certain amount of time they are great for kids who need a night light all night long.

The light comes with a wall sticker and wall attachments that make putting it on the wall nice and easy. It is battery powered and takes 3 AA batteries. The light is 31cm tall and 22cm wide which means it is a real eye catcher on the wall.