Star Wars Month – Day Nineteen – Ravensburger Jigsaws

If I ever go to buy puzzles I only ever look at Ravensburger ones as I know the quality of the pieces will be fantastic and the artwork will be brilliant so I had to include some of the Ravensburger Star Wars puzzles in Star Wars Month. Ravensburger have actually released a huge range of puzzles from kids ones all the way up to 5000 pieces and have also revamped some of their classic games with the Star Wars theme. I am particularly interested in the Star Wars themes Labyrinth which looks brilliant.

I am still actually in the middle of building the first one of these two puzzles so I cant show you my finished masterpiece but I am absolutely loving building this Darth Vader Silhouette puzzle. Not only does it look amazing but there are also pieces that make up Darth Vaders head dotted around the puzzle which look brilliant and add a lot of fun to the design. No longer do I sort two piles consisting of edges and non edges now I sort into three piles edges, pieces of Darth Vader head and everything else.

The 1000 piece puzzle from the Force Awakens film looks amazing and shows us some of the new characters. When completed this measures 70cm by 50cm so you can imagine how small the pieces are. With all that starry sky I can imagine it will be tricky in parts but I love a challenge and will enjoy doing this during December when I take a break from my blog for a few weeks.
I would definitely recommend checking out the Ravensburger range as there really is something for everyone there and puzzles make great Christmas gifts especially if you can do them together.