Star Wars Month – Day Eighteen – Big Figs

Big Figs by Jakks Pacific are huge moulded likenesses of some of the best Star Wars figures and they can stand independantly meaning they are not only great to play with but they look amazing on a shelf too. In fact some of them are so big you can have them standing in your hall way to greet your guests instead. Luckily Jakks Pacific sent me one of their smaller models.

The Boba Fett pictures is 18″ tall and comes with his Rocket backpack that clips into his back. He has articulation at his hips, shoulders and neck and a great cloak. He is extremely well made with Boba Fetts characteristics, clothes and even all of his scuff marks showing up really well.

Boba Fett is one of my favourite characters so this was a great thing for me to receive but Alison soon stole it and put it in her bedroom. In fact I had to go rescue it just so I can take pictures. The thing that I love most about the Big Figs is that they are literally just that, big figures. They dont have electronic noises or flashing lights and they allow the children to play with it using their imaginations and making up their own voices.

I can see us adding more of these to our collection especially with the new Force Awakens characters which will be available soon.