Portable North Pole is back and better than ever (with a fab new deal for the next 6 days!)

Getting a video from the REAL santa is one of the kids favourite things about Christmas. Somehow he knows who their friends are and everything they have been up to. He has even been watching over them when they have been on holiday and he has the photos to prove it.  Both of my girls know that the Grotto Santas are not the real santa. I mean the real santa is far too busy checking his list and making sure the reindeer are fit to fly. However he always has time to send a special message to them at Christmas.

This year we have been gifted with a premium subscription which means we can create as many videos and calls as we want which is great when we need to keep the kids in order. Its amazing what a quick call from Santa can do.

There are 19 different Phone calls that Santa can make including one for their birthday, one for New Year and a few for Christmas Eve. The calls are very well done and can help to keep behaviour on track or congratulate them for doing something well. With the Unlimited access pass (£9.99 for the next 6 days) you can create as many of these calls as you want which just adds to the magic.

Obviously the best thing about the Portable North Pole is the fabulous videos and this year they are better than ever with lots of added scenes and 7 options to choose from (one a birthday one and three brand new ones).  Now if you didnt want to pay you can always use the free video which is available soon but with the paid versions giving more chance for personalisation with details of special activities and up to 5 photos I definitely think it is worth paying for. 

We have used the PNP videos for years and they just get better and better. I really cant wait to show the girls the videos I made for them and I may have to make Daddy one too as he has been a little naughty recently.

Why not head to the Portable North Pole to get your Unlimited Pass now or register your email address to be teh first to hear about the free video service when that launches. Also keep an eye out for the PNP app which will be coming soon too.