Star Wars Force Awakens Micro Machines First Order Storm Trooper Playset

By now you will know that I love Star Wars and so does Alison so when we were offered a Star Wars Micro Machine First Order Stormtrooper Playset I knew we had to put it to the test.  I loved Micro Machines as a kid so being able to introduce my kids to them is great.

The First Order Stormtrooper helmet opens us to become a desert scene playset with a variety of terrain and attention to detail. The set opens and closes easily which  means it is ideal for the kids to play with and as it folds up nicely it is great for travelling and for also for having it on display.

The set comes with a micro machine transporter which fits on to the clear plastic rod and a small Poe Dameron figure. The transporter can be moved around using the twirling wheel which adds a great dimension to play.
We love this Star Wars Force Awakens Micro Machines First Order Stormtrooper Playset and Alison now wants more of these sets.

Check out this video review of my opening it for the first time (and almost breaking it, although it all clipped back together again easily enough).