Pet Parade – Kitty Play Garden

Elizabeth absolutely loves Pet Parade and has quite a collection of the puppies in her bedroom which she plays with frequently so I knew she would love the Pet Parade Kitty Play Garden as soon as I saw it at the Toy Fair in January.

The Pet Parade Play Garden comes with an exclusive Kitty that is only available in this set. The Kitty moves in the same way the Pet Parade puppies do. You can either place a finger on her back and move her around or use the magnetic lead.

The set is really interactive with a variety of magnetic points that allow the kitty to move and play. The set needed a small amount of assembly with the cage, scratch post and the kitty door all needing to be clipped in place but this was easy to do and didnt take very much time at all.
The playset features a drinking bowl which the kitten attachs to using the magnet. You can then use the handle at the back to move the magnet making it look like the kitten is drinking. The scratch post has a dangling ball which has a magnet inside, when the kitten attaches to this and is moved around it looks like she is playing with it.
The separate ball of wool looks fantastic when the kitten pushes it around with her nose and when the kitten plays with the mouse it moves around the post and can even run through the kitty door.
The Kitty gets up to all sorts of mischief including rooting in the bin for the magnetic fish bone or sitting on top of the scratching post to try and get to the bird.
She is also able to run through the kitty door and watch the fish swim around in the fountain. The fountain can be activated by the kitty or by the water spout.

Elizabeth and Alison have both had so much fun with this set and it is brilliant to see so many different interactive points that allow the set to really capture their imagination and make the Pet Parade Kitty really come to life in a whole new way.
Kitty has had to share with the Pet Parade Puppies who have also come to play in the Play Garden a few times but she doesn’t seem to mind and as all the Pet Parade animals are built in the same way the puppies can have just as much fun as the kittens too.

Check out the Pet Parade World YouTube channel where you can watch some fabulous Webisodes. Here is the first one to get you started.