SparkUp brilliant new story telling technology

I go away a lot and the one thing the girls miss the most is me reading the bed time story. When I saw SparkUp at the Toy Fair in January I knew it would be perfect for us.

SparkUp allows you to record up to 50 books that it recognises using camera sensing technology.

Using a book you already own you record each individual page onto the SparkUp device. As your child turns the pages it plays the recording for that page, this means that even if the child skips a page it will play the recording for the page that is open.

This is a brilliant idea if you are away a lot or for different family members to read different books and it really helps to bring books to life. You can also download pre-recorded books on to the device which is great to get started.

We have only recorded a few books on to our SparkUp device so far but the kids have loved it and take it from the shelf and attach it to their favourite books so they can listen to the story even when I am busy working or away from home.