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Choosing a Christmas party venue is not as easy as you may think at first glance. You need to consider so many factors and since there are so many options that are available, it is actually pretty easy to make a bad decision. You can use great search engines that highlight available options where you live, like Venue Search London, but you still have to be sure that what you choose in the end is suitable. Too many people hurry and you should not do this.

Start With A List

Make a list of the things that are currently needed for your venue. This can include:

  • Kitchen facilities
  • Central location
  • Buffet facilities
  • Sit down meal facilities
  • Shared services or exclusive venues
  • Local or on-site bar access
  • Wheelchair access
  • Doors to outside space or garden
  • A secure environment for babies and children
  • Space for party games
  • Space for entertainment

Venue Location

It is possible to have flexibility on various things that are necessary for the party but when referring to location, we do not have much flexibility available. It will have a huge impact on the budget and on various other things. That is especially true in the event that guests will need overnight accommodations as that greatly increases costs. When thinking about the location of the venue, consider the following:

  • Travel costs
  • Travel access
  • Distance from the city or from the houses of the guests
  • Can the company’s office space be decorated suitably?
  • Potential need to require overnight accommodations.

The central locations in a city will be really popular and expensive. They will always stretch the budget but out of town venues can do the same due to potential travel costs. It is tough to hire rooms even when you gain access to group booking rates during the holiday season. In order to save on costs, you need to consider various options that may be available like meeting room or office spaces that can be properly decorated.

Narrowing Down Available Choices

You should create a short list of around 3 to 5 venues that are suitable according to the needs you have at the moment. It is not at all difficult to locate them thanks to websites like the one we highlighted above. Then, think about everything that is pointed out in the brochure and consider arranging a visit so that you can see everything that is available on-site.

Discuss Packages

Christmas party venues will ask various different packages and you need to ask for detailed breakdowns of everything that is included in the specific party package. Is there a coordinator a staff member that will be available during the event day? Is there information offered that can help guests reach the location and will there be a cancellation policy in place in the event that something bad happens? It is important to confirm booking in writing. Also, phone at least one week in advance so you are sure everything is ok.


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