Sooty DVD and Magic Wand

Last week we were very lucky to receive a fabulous DVD from my childhood. Sooty, Sweep and Sue won my heart over as a child and seeing them live in February meant my children fell in love with them too. The girls have a Sooty Puppet and a Sweep Puppet and they love playing with them so this DVD and free magic wand was a great addition.

The DVD is actually available tomorrow and amazon have it at a great pre-order price at the moment. The DVD has 5 great episodes and even includes some special guests and some clips of Matthew Corbett and the gang. The thing we loved most about this DVD is the clips in between that link the episodes together. These are very reminiscent of the live show we saw, which made the children fall in love with Sooty in the first place.

Even after all these years Sooty, Sweep and Sue still win the hearts and minds of children (and parents). I might have to get some more Sooty DVDs though as we seem to be watching these 5 episodes over and over again. 


Sooty and the gang at Butlins Bognor Regis