For goodness sake!

We decided to go a lovely play park on Thursday, I got all the kids ready after much stress, strapped them in the car and then snapped my bl**dy car key.

Yep thats right the end snapped off and no I dont have a spare. Two bus trips with 5 kids under 6, a visit to two different key cutting shops and I finally strike gold. £50 lighter I decide another two buses may just be the end of me so we jump in a taxi home. I try the key in the doors and it works brilliant, I start the engine and breathe a sigh of relief. That is when my day got worse, my key was now stuck in the ignition of my car!

A frantic phone call later and the amazing customer service at Timpsons really kicked in. They sent out a mobile technician called Dave within an hour. A few minutes and a little bit of filing later and I had a working key. No charge whats so ever. So thank you Timpsons for making my life easier and saving me some stress, its not often you come across a company that goes out of its way to help you.