Snazaroo making parties easier

We love Snazaroo face paints and I have a box full of the full sized tubs from when I was a childminder. When we go on holiday or to places where I know there will be face painters I usually whip out my special box and save some money by doing it myself. I am not overly artistic but the kids seem to enjoy getting their faces painted no matter how they look. Not everyone wants a huge box like I have and Snazaroo understand that so they have created some fabulous sets that will save you a lot of money when it comes to childrens birthday parties.
The Ultimate party pack paints 65 faces with just the addition of water. The set includes

1 x 2ml white face paint
1 x 2ml black face paint
8 x 1ml classic colours face paint including red, yellow, green, blue, orange, royal blue, pink and brown.
1 x 1ml lilac sparkle face paint
1 x 1ml pink sparkle face paint
2 x 8ml glitter gels (silver and pearlescent)
4 x sponges
2 x brushes
easy step by step colour instructions

I love Snazaroo face paints and after Elizabeth had a reaction to cheap face paints when she was younger I have only ever allowed them to use Snazaroo. All Snazaroo face paints are water based so they come off easily and they are also hypo allergenic and non-toxic.

The Fairy face paint stamp kit is a great little kit that is perfect for those with less time or who are uncomfortable with the idea of being in charge of the artistic nature of the childrens face painting. The stamp kits come in different styles so you should be able to find one that will work including princesses, pirates, birthday party and under the sea. Each set comes with three stamps and 3 x 2ml face paints.

Next time you have a childrens birthday party dont pay a fortune for a face painter just grab yourself a kit and