How to relax when you’re a mum and a worker

Crikey, it’s tiring being a mum, isn’t it? You’ve got to spin the plates of looking after your kids, cooking their meals, getting them ready for school, going to work and, somehow, finding time for yourself.

It’s that you time that sometimes counts most because it’s just as important to let those plates spin for themselves for a while and simply relax.

In fact, without a bit of relaxation, you could face major health problems. American website Working Mom’s Break conducted a survey of its users and found that 88 per cent of them claimed to have suffered some form of a stress-related health issue since becoming a working parent.

So, what can you do to lie back and gain the glow of relaxation before you’re forced to return to the plate-spinning world of reality?

Get some rays of sunshine in your life

A spot of sunbathing can be just the ticket when it comes to feeling relaxed and regaining your glow.

While you’re all probably aware of the potential health defects that overexposure to the sun can cause – skin cancer and burning being two main concerns – catching some rays in moderation and with the appropriate application of sunscreen will give you an extra injection of vitamin D, which can boost your immunity to disease.

The easiest way to gain such sunlight in your home is to invest in a conservatory. Conservatories will allow you to simply step into the back room and revel in a suntrap of your own creation, meaning you won’t have to go through the hassle of pulling out the deckchair every time you want a sun snooze.

Have a night to yourself

If you’ve got parents willing to look after the grandkids for an evening, get your little ‘uns out of the way for a relaxed night out with your partner.

Naturally, you’ll have to budget wisely for regular nights out, so look for restaurants with discounts, theatre nights with concessions or Orange Wednesdays, which allow you a free extra ticket every Wednesday at your local multiplex if you sign up to the mobile phone provider.

No matter what you choose, make sure you enjoy the quiet before your little terrors return!

Find something you AND your kid’s love

You’d be a bit of a strange parent if you didn’t actually enjoy spending time with your kids, but it’s understandable that you might not be overjoyed at another viewing of their favourite – but in your eyes, abominable – children’s film or a listen to the latest squealing child-oriented pop star.

But there are things that you and your kids can enjoy. Whether it’s a quick game of football or a trip to your favourite fast food joint, find somewhere that you both like and you and your kid will be able to relax together.