Now if your kids are as swayed by adverts as mine then you might have already had Shopkins brought to your attention. Elizabeth requested these a month or so back and I dutifully added them to her christmas list so was very happy when Flair asked us to review them.

We were sent the Shopkins Supermarket and a set of 12 Shopkins, 10 of which were visible with two hidden.

Shopkins are reminiscent of trash pack but cuter. All of the characters are based on products you can buy in a supermarket and they live in shopping bags or shopping baskets.

The shopkins supermarket came with two special characters, a shopping trolley, doors that open, a lift and slide and a checkout area with moving conveyer belt. The supermarket can be used as a display area or as a toy and both girls have enjoyed playing with them. They also loved the special edition glittery and frozen shopkins.

My only disappointment was the amount of different characters available as they have released the same characters in different colours to bulk out the numbers and I would rather have seen a bigger variety of characters. However I am sure that this will change as time goes on as I can see these being really popular.