Lexia reading and writing workbooks

As most of you know we homeschooled the girls from February this year and we have only just put them back into school. For that reason I wish I had come across these books earlier.

The range we were sent went from early reading level 2 to foundation reading level 4 and we are using these to supplement the girls homework. Everybody learns also have a range of workbooks designed for older children who may have difficulty with their literacy skills so its worth having a look at those if that applies to your child.

As much as the girls actual reading levels are good I know that Elizabeth in particular struggles with her handwriting due to the aches in her fingers and Alisons can certainly do with some work too so we have started them both doing basic letter formations. I love the way the pages are easy to follow and not too daunting and the girls seem to really enjoy them.

As we progress through the books it was great to see phonic blends and sight words as well as understanding and lots more come into play. I am hoping that by using these books alongside the work that the girls are already doing we can support them to become confident readers and writers.