Sew Cool Sewing Studio

The Sew Cool Sewing Studio has been high up on Elizabeth’s list of must have items this year for a long time but I don’t like trusting adverts and it really did seem too good to be true. However earlier this month I headed over to Dream Toys where I got hands on with the Sew Cool Sewing Studio and fell in love with it, knowing that Elizabeth and Alison would both really enjoy it.

As a non creative crafty person I am always surprised at how much our kids love making things and I need to make this as simple as possible to ensure that I can’t mess it up.

The Sew cool sewing Studio comes with lots of materials, stuffing, patterns and a few precut designs to get you going.

The Sew Cool Sewing Studio takes batteries which were not included (always an irritation for me) but once they were in place we were ready to go. The child can not get close to the needles on the sewing machine and it does not require threading as it uses a special material that gets sewn onto itself. This does mean that the Sew cool Sewing Studio will not work on any other materials but that is not a problem as you can buy a variety of refill packs that allow you to create different things.
Both girls really enjoyed having a go at this and they found it was easy to master once I explained to them what they had to do and if ever they got flustered or were not sure they just turned if off, reset the piece of material and started again.