The stuff dreams are made off 

Wow it has been a busy few days! After spending five days at Disneyland Paris I landed with a bump when I realised that not only had I left my phone in France but that I had to draw the winners for the 258 prizes in my tombola. That was no small task but thankfully the last few years of doing it have enabled me to speed up the process and the emails all went out yesterday. From the responses I have had it seems that everyone was happy with their prizes and it was great to see some names I recognise come up in the draw. 

Today has been all about organisation and between tackling my bulging inbox and writing to do lists and generally feeling a bit bleurgh the day seems to have passed me by. Why do I always get ill after being on a plane?

However these last two days have not been what dreams are made off, it was the preceding five days that filled the girls with joy and wonder that will have made many happy memories for us all to recall over the coming years.

I don’t think we will be going back to Disneyland Paris again anytime soon as we think it is time we upgraded to the big leagues so we will start saving to go to Florida instead. However that doesn’t mean we enjoyed it any less, in fact we absolutely loved it and thanks to the money that was sent to the girls they got to buy the treats they wanted without us having to keep saying no all the time.

Elizabeth spent all of her money within two days which is surprising as I kind of expected it all to have gone in one day the way she likes to spend money. Her favourite and largest purchase was the Anna Coronation dress pictured above. She absolutely loves it and wanted to wear it every day. She also bought a music box, an Elsa toy, some jewellery, some pin badges and a lanyard and an Angel teddy (One of Stitch’s cousins). Angel came everywhere with us and Stitch even recognised her in the Stitch Live show much to Elizabeth’s delight. She also bought herself a pair of Minnie Mouse stud earrings because I have somehow been talked into letting her have her ears pierced this weekend!
Alison is a slow spender and preferred to spend her money on sweets however we did finally persuade her to part with her cash and she got herself a skull full of disgusting things like false teeth and gross eyeballs, a Peter Pan sword, a treasure chest, two different snow globes, some pin badges, a harmonica and a Leroy teddy (another one of Stitch’s cousins). 

We went on some amazing rides and a few of them again and again including Ratatouille, Crush’s coaster and Big Thunder Mountain. It seems the girls are both thrill seekers so they definitely don’t take after me. 

The bit I loved most was seeing the girls with the characters, Alison in particular really enjoyed meeting Spiderman.

We had an amazing time and I have a lot more photos to share but I just wanted to say we are back and a big thank you again to everyone who helped make this holiday the stuff that dreams are made off.