Seedlets – Watch them grow!

We received these fabulous gardening products through the post last week and just in time for the glorious bank holiday weather.

The girls had fantastic fun weeding and watering our flower beds and you can just start to see all of the little green shoots coming through from when we planted our Miracle Gro flowers. It is hard work maintaining a garden but with my new little gardeners I might even cancel our real gardener although Seedlets don’t do a mini lawn mover yet. So I might hold off on that for a bit.

We planted our rocket salad and also some watermelon seeds from our breakfast (I know but Elizabeth wanted too) so hopefully we will have something tasty to eat as well as the flowers to look at.

There is loads in the Seedlets range and also some great tips and advice online from Chris Collins the BBC gardener who I met in January at the Toy Fair.