Scottish meat from Simon Howie Butchers


Having lived in Scotland for over a year when I was eighteen I have always missed the quality of the meat that was available.

Fresh Lamb at the time of the year, proper haggis, gorgeous black pudding and unbelievable beef. It seems such a shame when most of our supermarkets are selling meat from New Zealand or other countries. There is such great quality meat available within the Uk and especially in Scotland that I always try to buy local produce.

We were sent the Appetizer box which includes two rib eye steaks, a large steak pie, Pork sausages, Black pudding and dry cured bacon.


The pie was the first thing to go and me and Hubby shared that for dinner on the night the box arrived. I loved the fact that the pie only had a top crust as I am not a lover of pie pastry. The filling was seasoned perfectly and definitely something that we would enjoy eating again.

Hubby shared the Rib Eye steaks with my step dad. He made them steak sandwiches on fresh bread and apparently they were absolutely stunning. Personally I was very jealous as I love Rib Eye steak and I would have made a gorgeous meal out of it.

We shared the breakfast items between four adults and it was perfect for a weekend breakfast. The black pudding was absolutely delightful. It was full of flavour and the perfect texture. It brought back lots of memories. The back had none of the watery consistency you get from supermarket bacon and the sausages had no gristle but were firm and well flavoured.

We really enjoyed the quality of the meat that we received and I will definitely be looking at buying from here in the future. I have to at least try the white pudding and haggis not to mention the tattie scones.

I was looking at the selection boxes that they have online and I love the idea of the family meal planner box. For £53 it provides you with all the meat you would need for seven meals for four people including a Sunday Dinner. This is great value for the quality of the meat and something that would help those of us who are not very good at meal planning.

My only criticism would be the lack of cooking times especially for the pie as it was a bit of a guess although it turned out perfect.