Scooby Doo Trap Time Mystery Machine


We were sent the Scooby Doo Trap Time Mystery Machine for the girls to play with. The iconic Scooby Doo Mystery Machine has had a monster catching make over.  We all had lots of fun firing the net cannon and seeing what we could catch and caught the cats unawares quite a few times.  The Mystery Machine also comes with a monster catcher cage for storing your monsters.

We were disappointed not to receive any figures with the vehicle, especially as we don’t have any Scooby Doo figures in the girls toy boxes.  We had to make do with firing the net at a little Jesse and Billy Bear statue, which the girls found hilarious.  I loved watching the girls play with the Mystery Machine as it really got their imaginations going.

It is easy to unfold and set up but it does require some concentration to pack it all together again. All of the trap accessories are easy for the kids to use and the whole set would have been perfect if it had come with one good guy (preferably Fred who devises all the traps in the tv show) and one bad guy to capture.

Scooby Doo is a timeless classic and this mystery machine is built to last with strong parts and reinforced joints. It will make an ideal gift for young kids who love Scooby Doo and already have a few characters in their collection.