Blue Nose Friends – October release

Cute aren’t they? We are really enjoying building up our collection of My Blue Nose friends and these four fantastic new additions are perfect.

I like the fact we are venturing away from some of the standard animals into some less well known species although Abbey the cat is obviously a bit normal. Mind you she is blue so maybe not so normal after all. Alison has adopted Abbey and Crest the Pterosaur and hidden them away in her bed with some of her other Blue Nose friends.

Elizabeth squealed with delight when she saw Pout the puffer fish. He is so fluffy and pink. It did take me a while to work out what he was as I don’t normally expect a fish to have a nose but he is super cute anyway. Glide the Pegasus has beauitiful shiny wings and a really soft mane. He was also adopted by Elizabeth. It was great that the girls managed to share these between them with no arguing.

My Blue Nosed friends are made from lots of different materials lending them all gorgeous strokable textures and giving them each a different personality. They are all very well crafted and are perfect for children to play with as well as being a great collectible. I have seen some of the future releases too and I have to say that I am very excited for the winter ones coming in November and we hope to be able to show you them as soon as they arrive. 

There are now over 100 My Blue Nose Friends to collect and each with its own fun and individual personality. The super cute collectable characters are available from:, Amazon, Clintons, WH Smiths and independent retailers nationwide.  RRP £5.00.

Visit the ‘Official My Blue Nose Friends’ Facebook page to join in with the buzz and chat about the new characters.