Schleich Ice Elves Sleigh


We love Schleich creations. They have been a main staple in the girls toy boxes for many years from the very first animal sets that they played with to the more recent Smurfs review we did.

When we went to Christmas in July a few months ago I fell in love with the new ranges that they had on show. The dragons and knights were amazing as were the ice elves.

The sleigh set we were set was one of my favourite pieces. The enchantress elf and her ice cat have a gorgeous sleigh that can be rode in many different ways. The sleigh can also be taken apart and played with in different ways. Schleich products are amazing when you look into the details of each of the products.

From the snowflake printing on the reins to the glitter varnish added to parts of the ice cats tail it is the small details that make the children really believe in the make believe word these characters come from.

The enchantress herself is what I love most. Even though her feet are not really on display she has perfectly formed toes and legs, tiny elven ears and amazing embellishments on her dress. It is my far the most detailed and beautifully crafted play figure I have ever held.

The Bayala range is fantastic for girls who are 5 upwards with an active imagination and a love of all things magical. Seeing the girls play together with this set has brought many smiles to my face.