What would go in my Room 101?

I was tagged by Mummy Central to take part in a Meme called Room 101

Started by Stickers stars and smiles the meme is based on the show and I need to select three things to go into my Room 101 and be banished from thin air.

It is harder than I thought to select three things from my life to disappear, some things seem so trivial once I go to write them down. I mean we all hate traffic jams and when the toast lands butter side down. We all hate idiotic drivers and mosquitoes. I wanted to think of three things that would really make a difference to my life.

The first one is obvious to me. I would get rid of cancer. Every single type of cancer, gone from the world. That would make life immediately easier.

I would then wipe out all debt. We are not particularly plagued by debt but I know a lot of people are and I think if all debt was cleared and society went back to the ways of only giving credit to buy houses then things would be a lot simpler for a lot of people. I would include third world debt in this. Lets stop countries giving away money they can’t afford and allowing there own people to starve.

My third one is a bit closer to come. I would get rid of tea. Its a foul thing and I am fed up with people accidentally making me tea rather than coffee. My life would be a lot easier if tea just didn’t exist.

I am tagging Gamingdaddyoftwo.com , TheBoyandMe.co.uk and Boorooandtiggertoo


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