Say hello to I Care Bear new for 2022

As a childhood fan of the Care Bears, I am always happy to see new Care Bears join the gang. This year the Care Bears turn 40 which is just crazy! In 2022 we have already seen the addition of Dream Bright Bear and now we are introducing I Care Bear. Created to celebrate Earth Day and what a great day for him to represent. Made with ombre green and blue fur and from recycled materials. The plush is packaged in a 100% recycled paper box which uses eco-friendly soybean ink.

I Care Bears personality

I Care Bear has a fantastic belly badge featuring a green, yellow and blue rainbow, a heart and the earth. This matches his personality perfectly. He reminds all of his friends to take care of the planet. Encouraging everyone to reduce water, recycle and cycle or walk when they can. Sharing how much he cares for nature and the environment with his Care Bear friends.

Caring for the environment

The fact that Basic Fun has created an environmentally aware Care Bear character is fantastic. Ensuring that the plush is also eco-friendly is a really great step forward. This is sending the right signals to kids and ensuring that the message that this character portrays hits home.

Is he really eco-friendly?

When looking at I Care Bear bear online you can see images of his packaging. You may see that it states made from recycled material with a little * next to it. I always check the small print so I wanted to share. It states that the plush was made from approximately 94% recycled polyester. The I Care Bear plush is 35.5cm making him a decent size. The quality of the plush and the overall finish of the product is still perfect and huggable. He is available from Smyths Toys.