Care Bears Dream Bright Bear AD

When I was a child I was a huge Care Bears fan and I am so glad that they are still around for me to be able to share with my kids. We were sent on a quest to our local Smyths Toys to find Dream Bright Bear, the newest bear to Care-A-Lot. Dream Bright Bear is optimistic and always there to cheer people on and encourage them to follow their dreams. She knows that anything is possible if people try their best and believe in themselves.

We headed to the newly opened Smyths Toys in Stockport at the weekend to find Dream Bright Bear and bring her home so she can share her optimism with us.

Care bears Dream Bright Bear

Dream Bright Bear is a 35.5cm plush with a beautiful blue and purple ombre style fur. She has purple embroidered hearts on her hands and feet and a purple button nose. Suitable for aged 4 plus she is currently available from Smyths Toys for just £16.99 and comes in a beautiful box that can be used to display her if you wished to do so. I love the fact that the box does not have plastic on the front so you can really get to understand the quality of the plush prior to purchase.

Care bears Dream Bright Bear Belly Badge

Dream Bright Bears’ belly badge features a winged heart at the end of a rainbow which symbolises an uplifting and positive message.

Care bears Dream Bright Bear face

Dream Bright Bears’ face is full of happiness and she is very cuddly.

Care Bears Collect them all

On the back of the box, you can see 15 Care Bears that you can collect. There are a lot of names I don’t recognise from being a kid but it is good to still see some old favourites. Togetherness Bear looks great but Grumpy Bear will always have a soft spot in my heart! Which Care Bear would you like to collect?