Russell Hobbs Buckingham Kettle

A few weeks ago we were sent the Russell Hobbs Buckingham Kettle to review. It has a quiet boil feature that makes it up to 75% quieter* than a standard kettle and I could really tell the difference against our old kettle. Russell Hobbs say that this kettle is perfect for early risers or night owls who don’t want to wake the family when they make a hot drink. Now I can’t even remember being woken up by someone boiling the kettle but I can remember trying to boil water for Elizabeth’s bottles in the middle of the night whilst holding her and wincing at the noise our kettle made as it reached boiling point. Why do things sound so loud when it is the only noise to be heard?

Not only is the Buckingham Kettle super quiet but it also has a 1.7 litre capacity jug, which is big enough to make up to six cups. However what I like best is that it can  boil one cup** of water in just 45 seconds. It even features a fancy guide on the inside so you know how much water to add.

With an illuminated blue ring that lights up when switched on and a stylish brushed steel finish the Buckingham Kettle deserves pride of place in my kitchen next to my other shiny gadgets. I love my Russell Hobb kitchen appliances and I am really enjoying adding to my collection.

*when tested against a Russell Hobbs kettle without Quiet Boil Technology
**one cup is equal to 235ml of water