Rug Doctor

When I was offered a Rug Doctor to review I had to say yes, the carpets have had stains on them since I was childminding and we have just never got round to cleaning them.

Hubby had mentioned getting one in the past but we just never got around to it even though you can get it from our local Tesco.

Now I am a methodical type of person who likes to do things in a certain way including starting at the corner of the room. Hubby however is not like that. He chooses the spot that needs doing based on its grubbiness rather than doing it all and although the Rug Doctor has done a great job at removing the dirt I am not so pleased with lines of clean carpet as it just shows how dirty the rest of it is.

I popped out to Tesco earlier to buy some more of the carpet cleaner so at some point this week when I don’t have so much to do I will work my way though the living room and the hall way and finish the job properly.

Saying that though the Rug Doctor is easy to use and as you can see in the photo below it really does work so next time I need the carpets doing I will go to Tesco and hire the Rug Doctor but I had better make sure I have the time to do it as you only hire them for 24 to 48 hours and this has been sat in my house for weeks before we finally got around to starting.

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