Ravensburger Spiderman Jigsaw Puzzles

This set consists of 3 puzzles each with 49 pieces. It is suitable for 5 years plus and would be great for any Spider-man fans out there. Based on the 2012 “The Amazing Spider-man” film release the images used are great action shots. 

The puzzle is a bit too complicated for my girls as they are not used to puzzles with this many pieces yet but it was quite funny watching Hubby do it as it took him ages. I dont think he was very good at jigsaws as a little boy.

I was happy to see that they had placed a pattern on the back of the puzzles so that you could easily differentiate between the pieces and hope that they continue to do this for all their multiple puzzle boxes.
As always with Ravensburger the pictures and the pieces are of a brilliant quality and even though this puzzle is for older children the pieces are still very robust.