Morrisons savers challenge

When I was challenged to recreate 5 recipes using the Morrisons Savers range I thought I should give it a go, especially seen as I have been interested in the range for a while. I bought all of the ingredients for these recipes and apart from the Apricots and Chilli powder which were both out of stock the ingredients came to £15.74


Cornflake Clusters with Dried Apricots

A really simple recipe that needed just a little extra milk. I had to replace the Savers apricots because there was no savers ones in stock. Those small bags cost 35p each so still really cheap. I did use all the chocolate too as it just didn’t seem like enough.


Cheat’s lemon drizzle loaf

This was gorgeous and so sticky it was brilliant. It was also really easy to make so Elizabeth made this for me. All I had to do was zest and juice the lemon.


Cowboy Barbecue beans mixed with bacon and hot dog pieces

I threw in all 8 hotdog sausages rather than just 4 and if I was making this just for the kids again I wouldn’t bother with the bacon which will make it cheaper. The kids scoffed all of this.


Lemon and Honey Roast Chicken and Salad

This was absolutely gorgeous and went really well with the salad written about below.


Minted Greek Cheese, Pea and Potato Salad

This recipe also needed some olive oil added to it from the store cupboard. It was really tasty and the mint sauce went really well with the lemon and the salad cheese. Eaten alongside the Lemon and honey chicken it really complimented it.

We were sent a £10 voucher for Morrisons to help towards the cost of buying these ingredients. The recipes can be seen below.