Ravensburger My First Jigsaw Minnie Mouse 

A jigsaw aimed at 18 months plus and it isn’t made of wood?

I was very interested to receive this through the post because I think that children should be introduced to real jigsaws earlier than they normally are.

With Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck the stars of this jigsaw the girls absolutely loved it from the moment they saw the box. The box contained 4 different jigsaws and they ranged from 2 pieces to 5 pieces. The pictures were printed on really strong card and the way the pieces were cut shows some real thought went into the age group that this puzzle set was aimed at.

So if you are wanting to start your child out on the Jigsaw journey then I would definitely recommend the new Ravensburger My First Jigsaw sets.

We received this jigsaw for the purpose of this review as a member of the ravensburger puzzle club.

You can buy this jigsaw from amazon for £6.79