Best Birthday Ever!

Well that was Elizabeth’s sentiments at the end of the day and I didn’t have the heart to tell her it is not actually her birthday yet.

The rain poured but the kids didn’t care, the bouncy castle had a cover over it and with the gazebo stretching from the door to the bouncy castle the kids got to bounce all day long.

The seaside theme went down really well and the cake was better than I ever expected. Elizabeth’s Butlins Party was a brilliant success thanks to this cake.

So tomorrow we begin our journey down south for our next Butlins holiday, expect lots of tweets and blog posts as I get free wifi in the Shoreline hotel. I am really looking forward to the new shows and cant wait for Beths Birthday Lunch with Billy Bear on Wednesday.

Fro now i need a glass of wine and my bed because this has been a long day.