Project MC2 A.D.I.S.N Electronic Journal

Both of my girls have loved Project MC2 since it first came out on Netflix in August 2015 when we went along to a preview of the very first episode to learn more about the characters and story. They have continued to watch the programme over the last two years and Elizabeth was desperate to get her hands on the Project MC2 A.D.I.S.N Electronic Journal after seeing the adverts on tv.

The Project MC2 A.D.I.S.N Electronic Journal takes 3 AA batteries which are not included and 3 x LR41 button batteries which are included. There is a switch on the back of the electronic journal which makes sure the batteries do not run out to quickly.

To open the electronic journal you need to put the bracelet over the logo on the front. This then triggers the opening mechanism which then automatically opens the journal. When opening and closing the journal you will hear some of the sayings from the show.

Inside the Electronic Journal you will find a lined whiteboard that is able to be wiped clean, a magic ink pen, UV light, a notebook and 2 stickers sheets. You will also find a compartment that allows you to store your smartphone.

The notebook is only thin but it has lots of activities and key codes which you can use with the Project MC2 Case Files app which is available to download on iOS. Each day a new case file is unlocked for you to solve and although you can do these without the notebook there is a clue in each case file that you need to use the notebook to answer.

Elizabeth loves the magic ink pen and UV light that allows her to write secret messages on the lined whiteboard. She can then use the UV light to read them. I did find that you had to put the light quite close to be able to read the writing but it was in quite a bright room so maybe if I turned the lights down or took it to a darker room then it would be better.

Project MC2 is a great programme available on Netflix that shows the adventures of a group of girls who solve crimes using Science, Technology and Maths.