Pop Pops Snotz by Yulu

 Alison is absolutely obsessed with slime and it doesn’t seem to be going away so when I was offered a parcel full of new Pop Pops Snotz I couldn’t really say no. We were sent a box absolutely full of them and she was over the moon.

 Pop Pops are available in two different designs. Pop Pops Snotz are green and contain gross looking characters and Pop Pops pets which are pink and contain cute looking characters. As Alison is a tomboy I asked to be sent Pop Pops Snotz.

Pop Pops Snotz have 60 characters to collect and in each 6 pack you I will receive two characters.

 The Pop Pops slime comes in a plastic bubble, a bit like bubble wrap and you can either pop it by squeezing it or by squashing it. They have also released a mallet type toy so you can bash them to open them. I found it really satisfying to pop them in my fingers but Alison struggled with this so she squashed them on the table.

 The Pop Pops characters are very small, about the size of Alisons finger tip and I am not really sure what you will do with them as they are too small to play with but Alison loved them. Pop Pops are fairly low priced and for that I am thankful.

Available in a variety of different pack sizes I feel that the only thing missing is a place to store the slime afterwards, I mean I don’t have an unlimited supply of Tupperware.