Weird things humans search for – Big Potato Games

 We love Big Potato Games and they have lots of really good adult games that are quick to learn and great fun to play. The latest game to arrive in my house is Weird Things Humans Search For which is literally a game where you guess what the top search results are for various sentences.

 The box contains instructions, four pencils, a score pad, plain pad and some search cards. For each game choose a search master who is in charge of taking score and reading out the search cards. The rest of the players split in to teams and work together to answer the various search queries.

 To play the game the search master reads the top part of the card, for example “Is it possible to….” The teams then write two answers on their plain piece of paper, a main answer and a bonus answer. Once all of the teams have made their guess then the search master reads out the results.

The answers are scored in different ways. If the main answer is top of the search results then the team score 4 points, if it is anywhere else in the list then they score 2 points. If the bonus answer is anywhere on the list they score 1 point. Therefore it is really important to choose the order of your answers carefully.

The Search Master writes these scores on the score card and play continues for 4 rounds until a winning team is announced. If there is a tie at the end of 5 rounds then a new search card is selected and the team who guesses the answer that is highest up the list wins.

Although not really aimed at my girls who are 9 and 10 years of age we have had lots of fun playing together. We just choose our search cards carefully to ensure nothing too inappropriate, after all this is a game designed for adults.

The reason we like this game so much is that it is easy to learn, doesn’t require any real level of skill (although a weird sense of humour helps) and can be played quickly or for as long as you want. You can also play from just 3 players up to as many as you want as there is no limit on the number of players in each team or how many teams you have (you just might need to make up your own score card).

Weird Things Humans Search For is just one of the amazing games created by Big Potato Games and if you love playing games then I recommend you take a look at the different ones they have available.