Playmobil Space Mission Rocket with launch site

We love Playmobil and we were very excited to receive the Space Mission Rocket with launch site to review. There are a few different Space sets available which see the atronauts blast off to Mars to explore. The Mission Rocket with launch site is one of the biggest sets and has lots of great features.

The Mission Rocket did require a little bit of construction but it was easy enough to piece together by following the instructions. The Mission Rocket set is really tall and includes a launch site as well as the rocket. You get three people, lots of tools and accessories and even a little laptop.

The launch site has lots of features including the moving maintenance platform which goes up and down and that has extendable scissor pods that open up and rotating, allowing the characters to gain access to the outside of the rocket. Moveable bits like this make this set really good for imaginative play.

The main rocket has two interchangeable pieces so you can blast off with the crew shuttle or the payload. These are easy to change and they both look great when attached to the main rocket.

The mission rocket set comes with three Playmobil characters including an astronaut and two maintenance people. The crew shuttle seats two characters and they fit in really easily without falling out again.

The Mission rocket takes 2 AA batteries as it has lights and sounds that add to the playability of this set. On the back of the main rocket, there are three small buttons. These include a blast off count down, messages from mission control and the lights and sounds from the fire at the bottom of the rocket. The buttons are quite small so I did struggle to press them but Alison has no problems.

The Mission Rocket comes with some great accessories to make the set more realistic including a toolbox of recognisable tools and some more technical looking ones as well.

If you have a space-obsessed child then they would absolutely love this set of one of the other new Playmobil Space sets which all look great and come in a range of prices.