Playdoh Candy Cyclone


If there is one good thing about Christmas being over, apart from finally having time to catch up on my blog, its that most of the toy adverts have finished.

One that the girls loved was anything Playdoh related. If I have to hear that jingle one more time I may go slightly crazy. However we do love Playdoh in this house and we did end up with quite a bit on the Christmas lists.

One of the items the girls really wanted was the Candy Cyclone and we were lucky enough to receive it to review just before Christmas.

Making all sorted of sweets in all sorts of shapes and sizes and out of all sorts of colours is great fun but nothing is quite like making candy balls out of the cyclone. Insert a large sausage of playdoh and turn the handle to see the balls roll down the twirly slide.

There is one issue with this though, if you force the playdoh in or use too little or too much it can get jammed and there is no way to get it back out. So not so good for the younger ones who can’t follow instructions. Luckily mine only attempted that once and soon learn the proper way of playing with it.

They were quickly building themselves quite a collection of sweets and they soon started using their imaginations and playing sweet factory and sweet shop. I love toys that inspire this sort of play and I can really see why the loved it so much.

A great creative toy that ticks all the right boxes for me, well minus the mess.