13 goals for 2013

I know I have already made myself some promises this year but they are quite broad sweeping statements so I wanted to think of 13 things that I can tick off as I go through 2013.

1) Pamper myself
2) Visit new places as a family
3) Pay off our overdraft
4) Host a free blogging conference
5) get to 500 facebook likes and 3000 twitter followers
6) Try something new and adventurous
7) Visit Santa in Lapland
8) Do some volunteer work
9) Do some exercise with the girls
10) Loose at least 3 stone
11) Run the 10k in less than an hour
12) Raise over £1000 for charity
13) Fix up some bits around the house

Its great to know that I have the opportunity to tick off a few of these just by entering a competition, Numbers 1, 2, 6 and 9 have the chance to be accomplished by winning one of the weeks of the Hillarys facebook competition.

The other ones require a lot more work. Paying off a large overdraft in a year is quite a challenge especially when I cant work but it is a challenge that I aim to complete. Getting more social media followers takes time and that is something that I am definitely lacking at the moment especially as I focus on number 4. Building up Blogs Up North, setting up Blogger meetups at various venues and talking to different agencies about future events including the big free conference that I hope to host in the late spring.

One that I hope to tick of fairly soon is number 13. We live in a new build house and we have a serious problem with our bedroom window. Every time we put a curtain pole up it falls down, the walls are not strong enough to hold it up. I can’t sleep much longer with just a sheet over the window, especially as we come out of winter. If I can’t put curtains up I reckon the next best thing would be a blind but I cant stand slatted ones. I love the roman blinds from Hillarys, I have never seen this style of blind before and think it would work well in a bedroom. I just need to find the right colour.

Do you have any goals that you want to complete in 2013?