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I don’t know what it is about the summer holidays but the number of tv adverts for new toys is driving me crazy. The latest toy that my girls have been begging me for is Treasure Detector by Play Fun.

treasure detector box

Luckily being a blogger means that I am in the position to get hold of these toys and see if they live up to the hype that the TV adverts cause. Treasure detector is a game for two or more players who work in two teams. One team hides the treasure detector keys and the gem and then the other team has to find it. The game has two modes. Mode A is a countdown which has a variety of durations from 2 minutes to 15 minutes depending on how frantic you want the search to be. Mode B is a timer so you can see who is the fastest at finding the treasure.

treasure detector

Getting started was quite easy with some stickers for the treasure chest that needed applying and the batteries that needed inserting.  The Treasure Detector required 4 AAA batteries and 2 AA batteries.

To play Team one removes the keys from the detector and hides them along with the treasure chest. Team two then presses start on the detector and goes in search of the hidden items. The detector indicates when you are getting closer using a bar graph and when you get really close it starts to beep. The faster the beep the closer you are. The detector first locates the keys so that you can rebuild the detector before allowing you to track the treasure.

As well as the basic game the set also includes some challenge cards which can be used to make the game a bit harder. Challenges vary from physical exercises to general knowledge and add an extra element to the game.

Both of my girls absolutely love this game and I love the fact that they can play together without adult supervision. It is really simple to use, lots of fun and works really well.

We would definitely recommend Treasure Detector as a great game to keep the kids occupied and is lots of fun for adults too!



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