Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Buzz ‘N Cut barber shop

No matter how old my girls get they both love playing with Play-doh and whenever we get offered a new set I know I have to say yes. We were recently sent the new Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Buzz ‘n cut barber shop set which reminds me so much of sets that I had when I was a child.

The Play-doh buzz ‘n cuts set is suitable for ages 3 years plus and requires 2 x AAA batteries. In the set you received 5 small Play-doh pots, razor, scissors, brush and electric buzzer with real buzzing sounds. You also get the Buzz ‘n cuts chair and two characters, a man and a woman.

The Play-doh buzz ‘n cut barber shop is really easy to use. Fill the character head with play-doh, slide on to the chair securely and then turn the handle to push the play-doh through the holes on the characters head.

Once the character has a head full of play-doh hair you can use the various tools to trim and shape. The electric buzzer takes 2 x aaa batteries and produces a sound like a set of hair clippers when the contacts are pressed against the play-doh.

As with all Play-doh sets, the buzz ‘n cut barber shop has some areas that you can use to create additional designs. The bottom of the chair has some designs for hair accessories, the razor has a shaving foam can and the brush has some flower shapes.

The Play-doh Fuzzy Pumper Buzz ‘n cut barber shop is a great nostalgic set that the kids love. It is easy to use and all clips together easily.

Play-doh can get stuck in the holes on the characters heads. If this happens I recommend using the bristles of the brush to remove this as it worked well for me.

Unfortunately, once you have built the barber shop it won’t fit back in the box which is a little bit annoying.

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