Paul Lamond = Great Games

Paul Lamond is one of my favourite childrens games manufacturers with the Chimp and Zee games we own being the ones most played with by the girls when they are playing alone Now they are moving onto some of the older games and we received the following ones just before Easter.


It’s a chicken!

A great drawing and guessing game for all levels with a picture to copy for the younger ones and words that become more complicated the older you get. I love the fact that the pads already have circles drawn on them so the younger ones just have to add to the circles and the older ones have to use their imagination a bit more to make it fit. Make sure you guess before the chicken stops clucking.


Don’t scramble the egg game

A fast paced game which entails using your brain and coming up with an answer to the selected category before the egg goes splat. With no set time before the egg goes splat you have to be quick and pass it to the next player. If the egg goes splat you collect a card, three cards and you are out. This game is for 8 years and up due to the complexity of the categories but e played it with the girls by making up categories like “fruit” and “farm animals” which they enjoyed.

Two brilliant games that I definitely recommend for their playability and their educational values.