If money was no object.

Its my birthday this week and as per usual I don’t really have a clue what I want from anyone. So it got me thinking what I would want if money was no object. I would start by having a night at a posh hotel so I can sleep in a comfy bed and sleep all night. A gorgeous slap up breakfast (slimming world style obviously) followed by a day of relaxation and pampering lots of time to read and generally enjoy having nothing to do all day.

I would like a meal cooked for me in the evening to include the best cut of steak available cooked to my liking and accompanied by a bottle of the finest rose wine. A pudding of fresh berries and cream would finish me off before I spend the rest of the night watching what I want on tv.

It doesn’t seem like much really, a good night sleep, some time to myself and good food.

So what presents would I want?

I would like some of the finest quality dark chocolate. I would like some new clothes. I would really like a miracle birthday wish and to wake up on Thursday a size 10 but that isn’t possible no matter how much money you have.

I was paid to take a look at the avenue 32 site and create a wish list. So ignoring the price tags I had a look at what I might like for Hubby to buy me and I pulled together the outfit below.

Its been a long time since I had a nice leather jacket and I have never chosen accessories just to match one outfit. My favourite item is the Black Jacquard Bustier Top designed by Giles. I would definitely need to shed a few more stone before I would feel comfortable wearing something like that again but it looks gorgeous and maybe if my miracle birthday wish comes true on Thursday I might even consider buying it.

Unfortunately money is important and life gets in the way so when it comes to birthdays a cuddle, a kiss and a home cooked meal would be more than enough to make my day perfect.